Join the Venado PTSA Today!

Join the quest for the future of our children!Dear Parents,

The Venado Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) invites you to rise to the challenge: Participate and help make 2019-2020 a successful year for our Venado Knights!

There are many ways to get involved :

Even if you can’t be actively involved, your PTSA membership still benefits your children. The PTSA membership Drive is the main source of funding for Venado PTSA, which makes your participation especially vital. Membership is only $15.75 per member. Your membership in the PTSA partially supports the following programs and activities.

TECHNOLOGY IMPROVEMENTS – Help keep technology at Venado on the cutting edge.
TEACHER MINI GRANTS – Purchase of educational tools, supplies, and books.
THE REFLECTIONS PROGRAM – Promoting Venado’s Arts Programs.
TEACHER AND STAFF APPRECIATION WEEK – A celebration of Venado’s Staff.
8TH GRADE PROMOTION PARTY – A fun final farewell event for our 8th graders.

Please ask your employer if they offer Employee Matching Program for non-profit organizations. Venado PTSA is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, making your contribution tax deductible in accordance with Federal and State tax laws.

According to the National PTSA by-laws, one membership equals one voting member. Venado Middle School’s PTSA membership fee is $15.75. Each additional membership fee in the same family (e.g., spouse, student, grandparent, etc.) is an additional $15.75. A member can be anyone who is concerned with education, health or the welfare of children and youth. This includes parents, teachers, students, grandparents or anyone in the community. We hope you’ll join and donate!